You’d think that we would be getting better at recycling and using our Yellow, Red and Green Bins by now. Unfortunately, we aren’t and according to Christchurch City Council waste data, the last two years we’ve got worse. Over 45% of rubbish getting buried in our landfill could have gone elsewhere to be reused, recycled or composted. 

We need to not only reduce making the waste in the first place but also deal better with the waste we have.

Top Wrongs to get Right

With Flourish’s new Rubbish Talk project we’ve been chatting to the waste people who deal with the kerbside collection bins and community-based
experts from Selwyn, Waimakariri and Christchurch to find out what we are doing wrong and easy ways to make it right. We’re asking questions about what seems simple but is confusing. Check out the answers below.

Rubbish Talk Household Metal Info
Rubbish Talk Aluminium Info
Rubbish Talk Hazardous Items Info
Rubbish Talk Plastic & Paper Info
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Waste Experts - Our Daily Waste
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Rubbish Talk


Kia Ora to our Waste Experts -

Eco Educate and Our Daily Waste

Rubbish Talk Etiquette
Rubbish Talk Polystyrene Info

Further Information

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More information about waste go to

More information about the Council Bins go to:

Christchurch -​

Selwyn -,-recycling-And-organics/kerbside-collections/recycle-collection/how-to-recycle-correctly 

Waimakariri -

Transfer Stations:


EcoDrop Metro Place  - 40 Metro Place (off Dyers Road), Bromley
EcoDrop Parkhouse Road  - 25 Parkhouse Road, Wigram
EcoDrop Styx Mill Road  - 76 Styx Mill Road (off Main North Road), Redwood

Banks Peninsula
Barrys Bay Transfer Station - 102 Onawe Flat Road, Duvauchelle
Birdlings Flat Transfer Station - 3382 Christchurch Akaroa Road, Little River
Collection Points and more information see Council’s Website: 

Pines Resource Recovery Park - Burnham School Road Rolleston
More information,-recycling-And-organics/recovery-park

Southbrook Resource Recovery Park - 284 Flaxton Road, Rangiora
Oxford Transfer Station - 46 High Street, Oxford
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Rubbish Talk Videos

- Intro to Community             Recycling Hubs

-Redwood School

- St Albans Community Centre

​- Poly Lab NZ

Rubbish Talk Electronic Waste Info
Waste Experts - Eco Educate
Rubbish Talk Clothing & Fabric Info
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