Redwood Community Recycling Hub

​Redwood Primary School - 51 Prestons Road

Glad Products - Cling wrap, snack, sandwich or freezer bags

Colgate Products - Normal & Interdental toothbrushes, mouthwash bottles, dental floss containers and plastic outer packaging.

Coffee Capsules - NESCAFE Dolce Gusto & Starbucks (plastic), L'OR, Moccona, illy, Jed's and Robert Harris (aluminium) coffee capsules."  They don't accept Nespresso capsules.

Hair Care & Colour - Bottles, tubes, triggers & caps, 

Aluminium Cans - All drink aluminium cans.​​

Everything empty & rinsed clean! Terracycle Recycling Info

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St Albans Community Recycling Hub

​St Albans Community Centre - 1049 Colombo, parking off back st.

Can Tabs - Tabs off aluminium cans

Colgate Toothbrushes - Normal & Interdental toothbrushes.​

Metal Beer Bottle Tops

Metal Wine Bottle Tops/Lids

Plastic Bread Tags - have now stopped as companies move to cardboard tags (these can go in the green compost bin).​​

We are collating recycling places out in our community that are open to anyone dropping off their recycling. There is actually a lot of items that can be recycled (that can't go in the yellow bins) and many people doing good.

Before we think of recycling we actually need to think of refusing, reducing or finding better alternatives like reusables. Coffee pods are a good example of an item that shouldn't exist. They aren't needed to make good coffee and just produce a large amount of waste. Our Waste Expert Sharon refuses to watch George Clooney in anything now because he advertises them. Ethique are also a better option for shampoo and bottles.

Recycling doesn’t take into account the huge pre-consumer environmental cost of the item: oil extraction, plastic production, transport, manufacture and sometimes extra packaging. Then when it gets recycled, most of these occur again in the reverse process (except oil extraction) along with the energy costs of recycling. Recycling is never sustainable, but just better than landfilling, and in this climate this is more true than ever.

However, if you can't avoid it, then recycling is important.

​Watch our videos and learn what you can recycle and where:

PolyLab NZ Plastic Recycling

​​PolyLab is a local New Brighton plastic recycling enterprise.​ A one-man-band, Chris turns plastic bottle lids into art that would otherwise go to filling our land.

Support them by purchasing their great products and popping your bottle lids into the Community Recycling Hubs (who then take them to places like this across Christchurch, Selwyn and Waimakariri).