Big Thanks to Fighting for our Future Fund Aotearoa who regularly donates to our Climate Change initiatives.

'One reason climate change got so bad is the money behind capitalism is not behind the causes that are fixing the issue.
Most of us can afford a $1 a week - and by collectively having regular donations to climate fighting or mitigating organizations in NZ, we can make a good impact.' FFFA

Payment Details

Name: Flourish Kia Puāwai
Account Number: 38-9022-0374725-00
Reference: Project Name or input 'Pot Luck'
Charity No. CC57738

We are looking at an affordable payment system too. Watch this space.

​​Charity life?

As a Charity we are fully committed to making positive change to communities to contribute to a better future for all. A lot of our mahi is undertaken as volunteers even though we are aiming to be paid staff so we can fully focus on making a lot of good. We also have plans in place to create some sustainable revenue streams. In the meantime we are reliant on grant funding and donations.

Why Donate?

Because we work on the smell of an oily rag, we are both good at doing a lot out of very little, but a little more can go a long way. That's where you can come in! Contributing a little will help our projects hugely and you'll know you are contributing to a quality, impactful charity organisation.


There are a few ways you can help at least one will work for you!

  • Contribute regularly - just set up an automatic payment for $10, $20, $50 that makes little difference to your wallet but huge to our mahi
  • Donate to your favourite project - Donate any amount that makes you feel good and reference a project and 100% goes to that project.
  • Donate to our core organisation - Many funders like funding projects but there's no funds then for core operations. Boring things like website and email hosting, bank fees etc. They are needed and need to be paid, so a general or Pot Luck donation helps us cover the operational stuff and choose where we most need it, so we can focus on the more exciting mahi.

Don't forget that as a Charity, donating to us will allow you to claim tax back for 33.33 cents for every dollar you donated (33%).

Special Campaigns

Now and then we have a campaign running to fundraise for a special project that has no grant funding and requires donations and/or sponsorship to make happen. These are usually very cool projects that fit outside the box of standard grants. 

Sponsor Our Papatuanuku - For this exciting and meaningful initiative to go ahead we need some funding to cover basic costs. 

Last year one of our lovely Judges asked if she could sponsor a school. So we've taken up her idea to help make this happen and encourage you to help too.

Can you sponsor a school or student/s?

As little as $25 sponsors a student.

$250 sponsors a whole school

If you are a business or large organisation consider a larger donation to help us get to the target of $10 000 to run this competition.

Donate Here


We are also working towards having other sustainable funding streams so we aren't reliant on grant funding. We have a few things in the pipe line but are not quite ready yet. Have a sneak peak on one that isn't far off here!

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