Programmes, Initiatives & Events


​Places of Tranquility was a successful post-earthquake initiative to raise the visibility and engagement of our diverse cultures. It was led by Michelle Whitaker then with Healthy Christchurch, Lincoln University School of Landscape Architecture and Greening the Rubble. It was handed to Odyssey House and is now lovingly utilised as a family healing garden.

Our early start up focus was on delivering the meaningful River of Flowers  earthquake commemorations and Bloom in 2016.​ We had over 14 500 people participate in both events in 2016. We also had the most River of Flowers sites ever, with 20 sites being hosting by a combination of community organisations, schools, university, churches and Canterbury District Health Board. We continue to support communities and the National Memorial Site every Feb 22nd and aim to have a larger presence for the 10 year anniversary.

Make sure you have a look at our
Bloom; an interactive floral and poetic tribute to commemorating the Canterbury Earthquakes and our recovery story. Our Flourish interns also interviewed key people involved in River of Flowers over the last 5 years. Read some of these on the River of Flowers and Bloom pages.

Our Alpine Pacific in a Box was set up quickly in response to the Kaikoura/Hurunui Earthquake to support small businesses. It then morphed into The Good Shop Pilot.

In 2017 we undertook a four month pop up pilot in New Brighton for living greener and healthier. The Good Shop pilot was really interesting and we learnt a lot. See below for our Impact results.

With a dynamic, opportunistic and collaborative approach things are always moving .... check the homepage and facebook pages for new info!