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Some great advice for families from the Worry Bug Project below. For local advice see also All Right? If you or your family need support please call 0800 777 846. and they can refer you to the right place for you.

Flourish Inc is a collective group of people who are committed to creating Better Lives for everyone. We have many threads and ideas! 

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Founder/Director: Michelle Whitaker


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All our work is based on the best scientific research. Everyone has Mental Health but we don't know as much about how to be Mentally well as we do about physical health. You can be at any point and improve your mental health and wellbeing. Physical health is also affected by your thinking and vice versa, so Flourish Inc is about the whole person.

The wonderful Five Ways to Wellbeing we use is:


Give | Connect | Take Notice | Be Active | Keep Learning

These five ways will be familiar to those who have seen the All RIght? Wellbeing Campaign around Christchurch city. Also to those that have played The Wellbeing Game that was a homegrown creation following the earthquakes (our Director was involved in both!)..

Dr Martin Seligman founded Flourishing over 20 years ago and it started the positive psychology movement. It includes five key components: PERMA

Positive Emotions





With our commitment to support the people's recovery we want to do more than give information. We use creative and innovative ways to engage, so people not only learn, but experience improved wellbeing.