Guiding Principles

The activities are not ends in themselves – but tools for learning regeneration, nurturing and growing flourishing regenerative communities.

It is about learning how to be community in THIS place. Digging deeper into the earth rhythms where we are and growing in understanding of and working with indigenous wisdom.

Key questions for all our mahi are:

  1. How do we connect with the land enough to learn from it,  
  2. take responsibility for it, and to have a strong sense of being part of it?
  3. How do we strengthen this connection?
  4. What do the land/awa provide and how do we give back?
  5. How do we do this in ways that build community?

 The whole project is about living these questions. The community are holders of knowledge, and not just the experts. This is an inter-generational, multi-generational mahi. It is bigger than us and is about creating a life-giving, life-renewing legacy for future generations.

What is Regeneration?

Regeneration is about healing the whole community of life, rather than merely conserving parts of it. It asks how humans can partner with nature to create fullness of health for nature and each other. This requires deep respect and love for, the ecology of our local place, and a willingness to both learn from,

and change with it. A regenerative community acts in ways that restores, renews and revitalizes all of life that makes up their place. ​

Regenerative Communities Pilot

This Pilot is to both learn and practice how to undertake regeneration with and by community. We will capture our learnings, evaluation and then share across Flourish initiatives and publicly with the aim that other initiatives can pick up this effective way of working.

The first focus is the local community that surrounds King George V Reserve in St Martins/Opawa/Hillsborough junction, utlising and revitalising the Reserve as a place where community and nature meet. We want to enhance local community relationships and raise awareness of and commitment to the value of a flourishing local natural environment, work in partnership with local schools and organisations, hosting workshops, walks and events.

What can we do Together?

Our aim is to create local regenerative communities committed to learning, engaging, sharing, support, and transformation. We are beginning with a Regenerative Communities Pilot exploring ecological action, reflecting together, workshops, sharing experience, skills and resources.

Let’s take a step forward and imagine and create together a better way of living for all life across the East Canterbury Waitaha Bioregion. For our children, our children’s children and all life that follows.


This project is partially funded by Christchurch City Council Sustainability Fund. 

Why is it Important?

Our human relationship with our planet is broken. We owe it to future generations to heal this rupture. Approaches such as sustainability reduce the damage but do not steer us in a healing, transformative direction. We need to find a pathway that leads us all back to health, reducing climate breakdown and a fair society. Throughout human history indigenous societies have lived regeneratively and so we can draw on their wisdom in shaping our way forward.