We have a team of passionate people around New Zealand that really wanted to create something to help families with young children. We've all worked in our own time to create the Life Pack.

Flourish Kia Puāwai is a social enterprise for community and environmental wellbeing in Ōtautahi, Christchurch. We are a new organisation with some very experienced people. Flourish's Michelle Whitaker, Mark Gibson and Sharon Torstonson led community wellbeing initiatives through and following the Christchurch earthquakes.

We've also brought in Dave Tex Smith, Denise Bijoux and Toby Falconer who deliver innovative community services around New Zealand. Michelle, Steve Carter and Esther Pocock were part of the All Right? Wellbeing Campaign. Tama Smith is a teacher of both primary and high school, Dave a multi-talented Illustrator and clever Mel Banfield is our graphic designer. We've also got Dr Sarb Johal, a psycho-social wellbeing expert we check in with too.

The science comes from the UK New Economics Foundation's 5 Ways to Wellbeing; Give, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning and Connect which some of you will recognise from NZ Mental Health Foundation, Canterbury's All Right? Campaign and The Wellbeing Game (which Michelle created after the earthquakes and would love to revive someday).

 * All images are indicative only, We'll be working on all 50 cards and the smancy box to get them even more flash as we reach the goal of 1000 pre-orders! 

​This project is supported by The Open Fort, Catalyse and Hummingly. Special thanks to MSD funding to get the development of the cards started.

"What a great idea to get the family interacting and off screens. The illustrations are charming and actually looks like a lot of fun! I hope you get the funding needed for this" Beff

"We often see innovation in harder times and the team behind Flourish Kia Puāwai have been creating innovative and thoughtful events and resources through many harder times in Canterbury. This is their latest offering" The Worry Bug

"Looks like a great resource! " Tess


In a mini booklet that comes with the cards are helpful ways to reflect and learn about the Five Ways to Wellbeing and how they can work together too. We explain how to be a Ninja Whanau and how to get the most out of Life Pack Kete Ora. We also tell you about the science behind it.

Get the whanau together and decide how you'll play today. Are you picking a random surprise mission or choosing from the Pack. Some missions are solo play and some are for the whole family. Some are for short or time limited or for as long as a day. Do one daily or mix it up.
Pick a card and do the action by following the instructions. Have fun, do it safely and if it is too easy then ninja it up.

3.  Once the Mission is completed get together and reflect why it was a (Connect, Take Notice, Be Active, Keep Learning, Give) hack. What other activities do you do everyday or on special occasions that would fit under that same mission. Which hacks do your family find easy and do a lot of? What hacks does your family do little of?      

4. Once you have reflected, follow the instructions on the bottom of your card. Some go back in the pack and some you hand on to next player (knowingly or sneakily).

All Life Pack cards fit under one of the five hacks (Five Ways to Wellbeing) plus we've added in some special Joker Missions too!

Life Pack - Kete Ora

​A Card Game You Play For Fun And For Thriving


A bunch of kiwis have got virtually together in lockdown to help all New Zealanders to have fun and be well at any time. Led by Michelle Whitaker; "We wanted children to not even know they are learning but have fun, immediately improve their wellbeing and end up with new skills in their wellbeing kete. The adults will learn a lot too!"

We tried a Crowdfunding campaign in May 2020 but it was too soon in Lockdown. So we are using the space after the quick creation to test the cards, make them even better and to get some start up funding for the idea.

The Life Pack Kete Ora page on Facebook will also grow to include your input, competitions, ideas to help you and your whanau be well and of course when we have the cards ready for you! Join in!


Announcing a very exciting and unique opportunity for you!

Y O U R  I D E A - You could have your own mission in our Pack! How cool would that be to have your idea in print and illustrated beautifully by our Dave.

We've put aside one special "joker" card for your idea that would be a great activity for the whole family and fits into one or more of our five wellbeing hacks: Connect, Give, Be Active, Keep Learning, Take Notice.
Are you up to the mission? Maybe your kids have a better idea?

The Competition is on Facebook - All you need to do is:
1. Ensure you have already joined our Facebook group
2. Post your fabulous idea in the
@lifepackketeora group and which of the five or more hacks you think it fits under
3. Invite some of your friends and family into the group to like your idea (top right of group page 'Invite Members')
4. Like some of the other good ideas that others have posted

Competition ends Tuesday 30th June 2020. Flourish Kia Puāwai reserves the right to extend the competition and pick the final winner based on which idea is the most appropriate and gets a high number of likes/loves.

Are you a parent worrying about these tough times? A mum who has an anxious child? A Dad who wants to reduce electronic time and connect more as a family? Do you want to ensure your children have good life skills so that they can look after their own wellbeing now and in the future?


Life Pack cards are fun, improve all your family's wellbeing and help you all to learn fabulous life hacks. For big kids and small, the whole whanau can win!

These are way more than a bunch of activities. There are many ideas, lists, calendars for keeping your kids from being bored but they don't teach how to look after your mental wellbeing! The Life Pack Kete Ora cards have specifically chosen actions for each of your family members to learn wellbeing hacks. Once you have learnt and practiced the wellbeing hacks through the cards, each of your family will have a wellbeing toolkit, for the rest of their lives. 

Will you accept the mission? Through being a creator of joy, doing a random act of kindness, having some silliness or calmly de-stress you will start learning. Each deck of fifty cards has five different types of hacks (Connect, Give, Take Notice, Be Active and Keep Learning), prompting you to perform an action and then reflect.

These cards are based on scientific evidence and proven to improve wellbeing. The Life Pack cards are inclusive and accessible for all people to use. Put some new life hacks in your backpack for wherever life takes you.