Eastern Rising  is a rag tag group of East Christchurch champions shouting about good things in the area for two years. Even winning a NZ On Air award! At the end people wanted to hear about Climate Change and how do we take action. So under the Eastern Rising Banner we are pulling together a special show called:

"A Climate for Change" raising awareness of climate breakdown impact and more,

We will tell the local stories of those who are creating solutions we can all get behind, and inspire people to take simple actions in our own backyards across East Canterbury.. If you are apart of the story get in contact with us.. For the rest of us taking small steps follow Eastern Rising on facebook.

Art Locked Down - see info under Community Wellbeing and the poster below!

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What's coming up?

We're going through an exciting next phase from a loose collective to a fully fledged legal social enterprise for good! 

First steps is becoming a legal entity with a social impact purpose and constitution. This allows us to go for some grant funding and shout out our commitment for good. 

We have a lot of expertise for social impact and to do our bit for the Climate Emergency. Before we jump the gun we want to put our umbrella enterprise in order, get some funds, then we get two of our very exciting impact initiatives off the ground!

Announcements will be mid 2020

Happy People-Healthy Planet 

(C) 2015 Flourish Inc, NZ 


          Raise awareness of the urgency to respond to Climate                    Breakdown and aid the transition to a regenerative society,            through;

  • Educating and enabling wellbeing, resilient and environmentally friendly lifestyles of our individuals, whanau and communities
  • Creating innovative, holistic solutions and products to leverage sustainable, regenerative and environmental change
  • Promoting and collaborating with progressive organisations, businesses, government and movements
  • Demonstrating through our work a commitment to

        Te Tiriti ō Waitangi, social equity and social inclusion.

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  A social enterprise umbrella for innovative change projects and initiatives for 


For all current happenings and events  - like our Facebook pages to not miss out! 

Current programmes 

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​Environmental Wellbeing 

The greatest challenge of our times is to create and nuture regenerative communities.  With the IPCC stating we have less than ten years now to prevent global warming exceeding a projected 1.5 degree average increase, there is a great urgency to not only understand systems thinking, strong sustainability and regenerative cultures but how to successfully  co-create a new way of living for dealing with our global ecological crisis and ensure the continuation and flourishing of all life on earth.. Flourish Inc sits in the emergent and innovative space to try new ways of doing. 

Tips to Help get the Right Bin - Sometimes social change is simply getting helpful information out. Christchurch City Council are checking Bins. Our flyers put it simple and answer common questions. We've had great feedback! Print your own copies.​​from Resources.

With utmost respect and thanks to our key collaborators and supporters: 



It's an unique and scary time with the Covid-19 pandemic. We had a big think about what we could do that would strengthen our community. Many of us in Christchurch learnt this hard lesson through the earthquakes.

Kia Ora Neighbour - is simple flyer to look out for and support our neighbours, especially the elderly, isolated and vulnerable.  You can print out your own from our Resources. On hold in Lockdown.

Good Vibes Aotearoa - is a new Facebook Group sharing good ideas on flourishing lock-down at home. One day soon, if we all STAY at HOME, it will be over. Until that day, we need to ensure we stay well in mind & body, especially with whanau.

Come join in so we can Flourish together.

Art Locked Down - for the kids and adults Don't get bored and get creative! Post to Good Vibes so we all get to see the talent across Aotearoa. Inspired by the cool stuff by locals coming out in the first few days.

One Flourishing way for people to be busy, relaxing, reflecting positively and feeling connected.

Note the dates below have been adjusted slightly from what was originally advertised
Week 1 ends 1st April - Distant Socialising How are you connecting with others during lockdown?.
Week 2 ends 8th April - A Different Easter How will you do Easter different this year?
Week 3 ends 15th April - Neighbourhood Gems What is a favourite thing around your neighbourhood when you go for a walk?

Week 4 ends 22 May - Silver Lining What is an upside of the Lockdown?

Age Groups:

Adults: All 18+

Kids: Preschool, 5-7yo, 8-10, 10-12, 13-14, 15-17

Post picture to Good Vibes stating name, age group and theme. 

Winner picked and celebrated online! No prizes but if anyone wants to donate something get in contact!