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North Canterbury, Hurunui and Kaikoura have all been impacted by the devastating 7.8 earthquake and continuing aftershocks. Alpline Pacific in a Box showcases local products and supports what this special region has to offer. It is a unique way to support the communities and their livelihoods devastated by the earthquakes and subsequent downturn in tourist and travel trade. Our boxes will be hand-picked for quality, and offer a sample of local and regional products chosen for the way in which it encapsulates the region’s character.

This is a story of Canterbury people wanting to give back, having direct experience of the love and giving received to our community following the Christchurch earthquakes. This is a non-profit venture to ensure that the support goes directly to local business and communities.

Savour every bite and sip of your Alpine Pacific in a Box knowing it is helping others through tough times. The boxes are supplemented by local handmade delights from Canterbury. We are also reaching out to Kaikoura now that the road is open.

The name is a nod to the Alpine Pacific Triangle State Highway route that connects these regions together.

‘Out in the Wild’ are a small family business in Hanmer who collect and forage around the hills and rivers of this beautiful region. Cordials can just be added to cold water or try a mixer! Syrups can be drizzled over deserts or try on scones with cream – Yum!

Living Greener #healthypeoplehealthyplanet

‘The Urban Monk’ use certified organic produce gathered across the Canterbury region, they’ve started with a special line of cultured vegetables that not only taste delicious, but which provide essential probiotics for digestive health. Pop on a cracker with cheese, toss through a salad or potatoes or whatever takes your fancy!

​Hint: did you know that the juice from the Glorious Ginger and Carrots makes a great vinegar substitute in a salad dressing... especially a home-made mayo. Yum!

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